Our family began attending Dove Creek when our oldest children were a part of the high school group, Reality. We immediately felt comfortable here with the friendly, supportive, multigenerational congregation, and soon made Dove Creek our home church. We like that it is quaint. We know our people here, although there are more relationships to be built. Each week Pastor Jeff preaches directly from the Bible verse by verse, teaching historically and unveiling the spiritual application for us in our daily lives as followers of Jesus. Grace is a word often spoken of, expressed, and given freely by the people of Dove Creek. The music is a blessing and we love how old and new songs are shared each week. Our younger children are happy here, too. They are learning so much about Jesus and developing their own faith by the lessons, stories, and experiences from their Sunday school teachers.

Dove Creek has many opportunities for ministry and fellowship. We found it easy to contribute to the church through nursery care, teaching Sunday school, helping with the kids groups where our children are. Most recently, we became active in a small group to be fed on a more intimate level. We also enjoy participating in men and women’s activities. There is a lot happening in our little church, and the people here have become our friends. We love calling Dove Creek our home!

-Howie and Lisa Smith

Circumstances had placed us between churches and we wanted to find one where the teaching focused on God’s word, The Holy Bible, and where the fellowship of believers demonstrated the statement: “They will know you are Christians by your love.”

We have found these at Dove Creek. Pastor Jeff Harrington preaches “word for word” from the Scriptures — even when the passage may be uncomfortable to himself or the congregation.  The result is a blessing from God to all who truly listen.

We also find much love shared among the believers there.

We have found a spiritual home at Dove Creek.

-Don & Evalyn Daverin